Author: jaoskam

Innovation in Hospitality Education. Anticipating the Educational Needs of a Changing Profession

Oskam, Jeroen, Dekker, Daphne M., Wiegerink, Karoline (Eds.). Cham: Springer, 2018. This book analyses the development of hospitality education from vocational to higher education, and discusses the positioning of hotel schools. It addresses questions such as: Should hospitality management become part of generic business education? Are the technical training programmes that have defined the Read More …

What’s mine is yours—but at what price? Dynamic pricing behavior as an indicator of Airbnb host professionalization

Jeroen Oskam, Jean-Pierre van der Rest, Benjamin Telkamp (2018), Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 17(5): 311-323. This paper seeks to clarify the nature of the urban vacation rental business, in particular in relation to the so-called ‘‘Sharing Economy,’’ by analyzing the dynamic pricing behavior of Airbnb hosts in  Amsterdam. It explores Airbnb’s host ‘‘professionalization,’’ building on the strategic Read More …

Airbnb aan de kust

Jorrit Bijl, Carmen Willemsen, Jeroen Oskam, Leonore Verhaak (2017). Airbnb aan de kust. Vlissingen/Den Haag: Kenniscentrum Kusttoerisme/Hotelschool The Hague.