Reiswerk. De werkomgeving van de reisprofessional in 2025

Hoogeveen, R., Jeuring, J., Oskam, J. and Postma, A. (2015), Reiswerk. De werkomgeving van de reisprofessional in 2025. European Tourism Futures Report 18. NL Nederlandse Flag

Research report regarding the work environment of the travel professional in 2025.

How will the travel industry develop during the next ten years and what does this require from travel professionals? Reiswerk asked the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI) to conduct a scenario study to find an answer to this question to enable the travel industry (businesses, trade organizations, employers, employer organizations, education and future travel professionals) to anticipate changes in the working environment. The question was motivated by the industry vision that Reiswerk published a few years ago. This vision maps the developments on the labour market in the medium and the long term and acknowledges that future travel professionals will be faced with a difference in employability and with different requirements with regard to their competence profile.