On-guest entertainment en de Scary Five

Oskam, J. and Zandberg, T. (2014), On-guest entertainment en de Scary Five. Toekomstscenario’s voor de hotelindustrieHospitality Management 6, pp. 44-47. NL Nederlandse Flag

In this article, Jeroen Oskam and Tjeerd Zandberg formulate scenario questions for the future of hotels and technology. Should hotels invest in in-room entertainment? What is the effect of the Internet of Things? And what will be the role of the media houses?

Future Scenarios for Hotels

In 2013, Larry Mogelonsky published a thought-provoking future scenario of Hotels in 2023 as being totally dominated by Online Travel Agencies: the scenario depicts a situation in which a hotel general manager is fired, along with his entire hotel, for insufficient market performance.

This could in fact be the outcome of a current power struggle in the hospitality market. But what else could happen if we look at a further evolution of the internet? Especially the role of the big media houses –Google, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, Ebay–, which in view of their marketing power are already being referred to as the Scary Five?

Article ‘The Scary Five’

This article (in Dutch) describes a scenario study currently being conducted about these developments. Drivers that have been identified are: net neutrality, the neutrality of search algorithms and the business model behind these companies acting as travel intermediaries.


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