The hospitality industry

Oskam, Jeroen and Tjeerd Zandberg (2014), “The Hospitality Industry”. In Frans Melissen, Jean-Pièrre van der Rest, Stan Josephi, Rob Blomme (eds.), Hospitality Experience. Groningen: Noordhoff. pp. 67-96.

Hospitality Experience offers students an exciting introduction to key aspects of hospitality management. The distinguishing feature of the book is its focus on how hospitality experiences can be created and managed successfully.

The book is divided into three parts: 1 What is hospitality management?  2 Who are the players involved in it? 3 How to design, deliver and manage the ultimate hospitality experience? Readers will benefit from the book’s integrated set of cases and examples.

Hospitality Experience has been written by experienced instructors at Hotel Management Schools in the Netherlands and is fully compliant with the core curriculum of these programmes.

Hospitality Experience is primarily designed for first-year students in Hospitality Management and Hotel Management majors and related minors. The book will also be of interest to advanced students in Hospitality Management programs and to professionals working in the business.

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