De Waddendijk. Kansen voor een uniek vrijetijdslandschap.

Oskam, J. (ed.) (2014), De Waddendijk. Kansen voor een uniek vrijetijdslandschap. European Tourism Futures Report 14. NL Nederlandse Flag

Wadden Dike: Chances for an unique Leisure Landscape. Development of Tourism & Leisure attractions in the Wadden Dike area.

The current report is a proposal for the exploration of opportunities for the development of tourism and leisure attractions in the Wadden Dike area. An increasing amount of plans and initiatives shows that there is a demand for innovation in the region, a need for innovation that is sometimes justified to mitigate the consequences of depopulation and to improve the liveability; sometimes by the missed economic potential of tourist streams that go directly to the Wadden Islands, and sometimes by the pride and love for the region and the conviction that the culture and landscape of the Wadden Coast can give visitors an enriching experience.