De Verbinding: Toekomstschetsen voor Emmen 2025

Postma, A., Jeuring, J., Oskam, J., Hoogeveen, R., Rijnks, R., Hartman, S., Zandberg, T., Karijomedjo, G. (2012), De Verbinding: Toekomstschetsen voor Emmen 2025. European Tourism Futures Report 9. NL Nederlandse Flag

The connection: future scenarios for the city of Emmen 2025

The city of Emmen is facing important changes concerning regional planning and infrastructures. This directly relates to tourism and leisure in Emmen, especially the development of ‘Dierenpark Emmen’ (Emmen Zoo). Future development and uncertainties were the main topic of the ETFI research. Are the current innovations sustainable? Is the viability of the centre of Emmen and the identity of the city directly connected with the with ‘Dierenpark Emmen?’ ETFI contributed to the sustainability and development from the city of Emmen focussing on the connection between the zoo and the city centre.